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QOL Planning Committees

Event Planning Committee

To generate impetus for the Community Visioning Summit, an QOL Event Committee will also be formed.  This committee will be responsible for developing, facilitating and coordinating events leading up to the Community Visioning Summit and to any events that may occur during the QOL Planning Process including the unveiling of the plan.


The QOL Visioning Summit will take place early in the process at a centrally located facility.  The summit is designed to provide a forum for stakeholders to make connections with one another around shared community priorities.  It is around these highest ranking priorities that teams will be formed to develop visions of success and goals that will be included in the quality of life plan.  Creating an environment where neighborhood concerns can be articulated and documented will be essential in the laying the foundation for further action oriented work on the QOL plan.  Engaging stakeholders to attend the Visioning Summit and to participate in the resulting Action Teams will be crucial to the success of the plan.


The Event Planning Committee will develop the program and place for the summit and other events surrounding the QOL plan as well as support neighborhood leaders in this very important community event.

Committee Members

Wendy Cooper, Flanner House

Clare Wildhack-Nolan, Clifton on the River

Deb Lawrence, Marian University

Denyce Mahone, IPL - Flanner House Branch
Sara Grain, Clifton on the River

Sister Norma Rockalge, Marian University

Donna Collins Rogers, Barnes United Community Outreach

Zanetta Lockett, Lillian Davis Foundation
Dorothy Dodd, UNWA CDC

Gary Hobbs, BWI

Ivan Douglas Hicks, First Baptist North

Marlo Allen, Northwest Civic Association